About Us

Who We Are

The Center for World Health & Medicine (CWHM) at Saint Louis University (SLU) is the only university-based nonprofit drug discovery unit of its kind. Comprised of a full team of former pharmaceutical research and development scientists, CWHM possesses the entire spectrum of critical skill sets needed to translate basic science discoveries into clinically useful drug candidates. With over 200 years of combined experience in successful drug development, our scientists are directing their specialized talents toward rare and neglected diseases that lack adequate therapies and advocacy. The CWHM has established a unique and highly efficient business model that marries basic science with clinical opportunity and has forged international collaborations and partnerships with disease experts and institutions.

What We Do

The science and research that goes on behind the doors of the Center for World Health & Medicine has one goal - to develop viable treatments and therapies for our target diseases. We do this by utilizing a cooperative work ethic, technologically advanced equipment, collaborations with global disease experts, and partnerships with CWHM spin-out companies and other pharmaceutical companies.

Why We Do This? The Need

As basic understanding of what causes many diseases increases, there is a huge unmet need to turn this understanding into new therapies for diseases that affect fewer people (rare and orphan diseases) or neglected diseases of poverty. The expertise needed to make this transition from basic science to a clinical therapy takes drug development training and skills. The scientists at the Center for World Health & Medicine possess these skills and are committed to filling this need.