The Center for World Health & Medicine offers students the opportunity to work in our medicinal chemistry and biopharmaceutical labs and provides them with a unique educational experience.

Students work directly with our Center’s scientists and are integrated in with our various disease project teams, conducting research that contributes to the advancement of our projects such as new therapies for malaria and deadly fungal diseases, or for developing a therapy for a rare form of muscular dystrophy that is devastating to children afflicted with it.

Students learn the techniques and strategies of drug discovery and development and receive training on and work with sophisticated equipment and instruments that are essential to the process of delivering new therapies to those in need.

This experience takes students beyond the basic curriculum content they get in their regular classroom courses and gives them a real life experience that will prepare them for more advanced training or competitive job opportunities in the pharmaceutical and biomedical fields.

Meet Shannon, a SLU student making a difference at CWHM.

"I've been able to work one on one with the team, and they've treated me not as a student, but as a part of the team."

Elizabeth Anderson, SLU student