Our Team

At the heart of CWHM, our team of scientists and staff are highly equipped for the task at hand. We are committed to using our skills to bring hope to those with rare diseases. The scientists and researchers at the Center for World Health & Medicine are a highly efficient, results oriented team with stringent scientific vigor and a strong desire to deliver therapies to those in need of them.

Adjunct Advisory Board

Advisory Board


  • Peter G Ruminski

    Peter G. Ruminski

    M.S. Executive Director

    ​As the visionary architect of the Center for World Health and Medicine, Peter Ruminski works ardently to promote the group’s mission of developing safe and effective therapies for neglected and rare diseases.

  • David W Griggs

    David W. Griggs, Ph.D.

    Director of Cellular and Molecular Biology

    David Griggs manages the design, development and implementation of in vitro and ex vivo assays that generate results critical to project decision-making. His skills and efforts have significantly impacted research programs in multiple therapeutic areas including inflammation, oncology, osteoarthritis, bone disease, and ophthalmology.

  • Marvin J Meyers

    Marvin J. Meyers, Ph.D.

    Director of Medicinal Chemistry

    ​Marv oversees the synthesis and design of promising leads and their optimization into clinically effective drug molecules.

  • Fran Sverdrup

    Fran Sverdrup, Ph.D.

    Parasitic Disease and Muscular Dystrophy Project Team Leader: Biology

    Fran Sverdrup is biology project leader on CWHM projects targeting parasitic diseases

Key Personnel

  • Mary Campbell

    Mary Campbell, BA


    Mary's central role is to access a drug’s ADME properties through in vitro and in vivo techniques

  • Rich Heier

    Rich Heier, B.S.

    Research Scientist - Medicinal Chemistry

    Rich has comprehensive experience as a synthetic medicinal chemist.

  • Jonathan Oliva

    Jonathan Oliva, B.A.


    Jon has served as support or lead on a number of pre-clinical in vivo models.​

  • Michael Prinsen

    Michael J. Prinsen, B.S.

    Senior Research Scientist

    ​Mike has 25+ years of pharmaceutical industry experience working in the areas of compound management, assay automation, in vitro screening optimization, and high-throughput screening

  • Megh Singh

    Megh Singh, Ph.D.

    Sr. Research Scientist Medicinal Chemistry

    ​Megh has more 26+ years of research experience in organic chemistry, and 15+ years of pharmaceutical industry experience in drug discovery and development in multiple therapeutic areas.

  • Matthew P Yates

    Matthew P. Yates, B.S.

    Research Scientist

    Since joining CWHM, Matt has rapidly impacted progress on the group’s integrin projects to treat organ fibrosis.

  • Tim Caldwell

    Tim Caldwell, Ph.D.

    Sr. Research Scientist Medicinal Chemistry

    ​Tim has worked for over fourteen years as a medicinal chemist within the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Stacy Arnett

    Stacy Arnett, PhD

    Senior Research Scientist

    Her expertise includes developing and validating bioanalytical methods for the quantitation of new chemical entities (NCEs) and biomarkers in biological samples.

  • Sandy Freeman

    Sandy Freeman, M.A.

    in vitro Assay Specialist

    Sandy has 40 years of biology experience working both in academic labs specializing in immunology and in the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Cynthia Wise

    Cynthia "Cyn" Wise

    Business Manager

    ​Cyn has 25 years' experience in university administrative support at four separate institutions.

Key Technical Support

  • Dave Wood

    David Wood, Ph.D.

    Protein Biochemist

    David has over 30 years of experience in protein biochemistry.

  • Grant R Kolar

    Grant R. Kolar, M.D., Ph.D.

    Microscopist and Histopathologist

    He directs the Research Microscopy and Histology Core (RMHC) at Saint Louis University.

  • Melaine Korn

    Melanie Korn, B.A.

    Social Media Campaign Coordinator

    ​Melanie has six years of digital advertising experience working with non-profits, businesses and individuals alike.

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